Any act that improves mine safety and saves lives is to be supported and learnt from. So I spent time reading papers from the China Coal Information Network on Mine Safety. Let the authors speak for themselves via these quotes (I make very small edits to facilitate reading):

  • Zhang Heping. The “Three Represent’s” theory raised by Mr. Jiang Zemin, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, has given a brilliant exposition on culture establishments. Mr. Jiang has pointed out that the Communist Party of China should all along represent the orientation of advanced culture. The safety culture of coal mine is an integral part of advanced culture and the ideological basis of safety work in coal mines. To strengthen the building of a safety culture in coal mine has significant strategic significance for guaranteed safe production and social stability.


  • Liu Taihua. The concept of safety culture was introduced from abroad into our country’s nuclear industry in 1984…In 1993, some experts and scholars begun to explore the problem of China safety culture in construction. China national first high class seminar on safety culture, sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and the China Labor Protection Science and Technology Association, was held in 1995…In the last decade, safety culture development, whether theoretically or actually application, has achieved gratifying success, and has brought safety culture into line with the state economy development plan….


  • Sun FengKai. The Safety Culture of the coal mine in a new concept. Exploring this concept, we must catch its core, which is the coal miners’ safety. The safety is the whole thing, which in fact means life is the most important thing. Then the core of the Safety Culture of the coal mine is the life value, that is, calling on loving for life, cherishing life, protecting life and showing respect to life and improving life quality.


  • Shi Wenliang Zhan Baoshan. People are the decisive factor for the safety in production. With the protection of the staff and mines’ health and safety taken as both the starting point and the ending point, the leaders of the Group pay much attention to safe operation procedures, improving self-control, cultivating science and technology quality, and enhancing safe productive capacity as the strategic point to provide spiritual and intellectual support… to promote production.


  • Dr. David Creedy. A responsible employer will recognize that moral, legal, and financial necessity of ensuring the safety of employees. The benefits to a company of improved safety can be substantial and include: fewer working days lost due to accidents; increased profit; more secure and motivated workforce; and better image to pubic and customers. A safer workplace can be achieved by a combination of: suitable technology to do the job; compliance with all relevant laws , regulations, and official guidance; regular inspection by the statutory body, management, safety professionals, and workers representatives; firm enforcement of rules by management and laws by the regulatory authority; training for safe work; and responsibility –a safety culture.