One of the benefits of writing for this site is the occasional really different and interesting contacts that pop up in the e-mail. Here is a summary of one of the most intriguing in a while. The RavenRoad Mining Engineers Association has just listed with InfoMine in our consultants database. They hail from Italy and Spain. Their names and contact e-mails are:

The one product well described on their site is a software program you may use to study the spread of fire in an underground mine. Here is how they describe the software:

Developed by RavenRoad in collaboration with Area3 and the University of Oviedo, the project SIMONE, aims to provide a software for the simulation in real-time of underground mine fires. To guarantee miners safety when accidents occur and to allow their evacuation, the software simulates the smoke propagation over the tunnels, taking into account also eventual measures adopted to limit fire effects. Thanks to an extremely short simulation time, SIMONE aims to become a useful tool permitting to predict where smoke propagates and therefore determine the best emergency exit. The software could give outstanding results if rescue team were provided with a portable device that could tell in advance how and which way the fire will propagate. See more details here. Contact for further information.

I contacted them and they were kind enough to send me more information. Here is a slightly edited version of what they sent me. I have tried to retain the flavor of their speech patterns, but smooth it a bit for ease of reading. I wish these folk the best success.

RavenRoad Mining started at the beginning of 2007 as the “front-end” of a collaboration between the Mining School of the University of Oviedo (Spain) and Area3 Engineering&Consulting (Italy).

RavenRoad brings together:

  • The enthusiasm of young Mining Engineering graduates
  • The experience of a prestigious Mining School in Spain
  • Area3, a consulting company with more than ten years experience in the simulation of industrial processes
  • Dynamat, the only European laboratory able to undertake impulsive tests thanks to their four modified Hopkinson bars

The SIMONE project started as a graduation thesis in Area3 in 2006. Since its beginning, it has demonstrated an extremely interesting development potential.

Now RavenRoad has assumed the project direction and is carrying out different activities to develop the software, always maintaining a strong collaboration with project partners.

SIMONE intends to become an interesting tool for determining in real-time the effectiveness of a emergency measures to be adopted in the case of fire in underground mines. The software is still in phase beta.

As RavenRoad has been in existence for but a few months, we are still trying to understand how to manage this great potential and to determine in which direction to focus future activities.

I wish these people the best success.