By Jack Caldwell - Mining Engineer - Robertson GeoConsultants

Some statistics on mining in Arizona. These numbers are from Arizona Geology, always a good source of information about mining in that state.

COPPER in 2010:
• 73,100 Arizona residents had jobs in 2010 as a result of direct and indirect contributions by the copper mining industry
• Provided direct payments of more than $194 million to state and local governments in taxes and fees
• Provided 10,400 direct jobs throughout our state
• Personal income to those workers and retirees amounted to more than $970 million
• Other Arizona businesses received nearly $7.9 billion through direct and indirect payments

• ARPA member companies employ 6,124 workers who provide materials for an additional 112,361 workers in the Arizona construction industry.
• payrolls totaled $552.6 million and taxes and fees paid to state, local, and federal governments totaled $98.9 million.
• industry purchases of goods, services, materials, and supplies from other Arizona businesses were $956.2 million.
• direct output, production and deliveries of the Arizona Rock Products industry was $1.6 billion and the total economic impact was $2.9 billion.
• this information is based on a 61% reduction of output since 2006 due to the current economic conditions.

COAL: The coal mining industry provides over 400 direct jobs in northeastern Arizona. The coal industry injected nearly $109 million into Arizona in 2010. Tribal economies have benefited from $92 million while the State of Arizona and Navajo County have received a combined $17 million in annual taxes.

GEMSTONES: Arizona is the 3rd largest gemstone producing state (est. $2 million)

GOLD: Copperstone Gold will restart production in 2011, and Gold Road Mine started production in August 2010.

POTASH: Although potash mining is not currently being done in Arizona, the Holbrook Basin is estimated to have a reserve of 1 billion tons of potash.

PUMICE: Arizona is the leading producer of pumice and pumicite, leading 6 other states (est. value in 2009 was $5 – $6 million.)

URANIUM: Uranium mining resumed in late 2009 at Denison Mines Arizona-1 Mine in the world class Northern Arizona Uranium District. According to the US Geologic Survey, the district contains an estimated 326 million pounds of uranium—40% of the nation’s undiscovered resource. Mining this uranium would have enormous economic impacts, such as:

• 1,000+ new jobs in Coconino and Mohave Counties
• $40 million annually from payroll
• $14 billion in output over the next 20 years
• $952 million in federal and state corporate income taxes
• $80 million in state severance taxes