The June 2011 issue of your Québec Mines information bulletin is now online!


In the field

  • 2011 Geo-scientific work – The Bureau de l’exploration géologique du Québec will implement 12 projects in Québec during the summer of 2011, to identify new exploration targets

  • Lithium in Québec – Québec is in a strong position to take advantage of market opportunities over the coming years


  • Plan Nord - Sustainable mineral resource development is a key component of the Plan Nord! It includes a number of measures that will ensure that exploration, and the extraction of mineral resources in the area will take place in a responsible way.

  • Bill 14 – A major change of legislative direction creating a foundation for an innovative mining development model.

Industry rendez-vous

  • Past – Symposium Mines Baie-James 2011 : A successful Cree-Jamesian collaboration.

  • To come – Québec Exploration 2011, from November 21 to 24, will highlight the importance of knowledge in mining exploration as the shortest road to discovery!