Open File 2012-02: Till Geochemistry of the Huckleberry Mine Area, West-Central British Columbia (NTS 093E/11)

T. Ferbey, V.M. Levson and R.E. Lett 

The silt plus clay-sized fraction of 106 near-surface (<4 m below surface) and 193 sub-surface (up to 30 m below surface) basal till samples collected in the Huckleberry Mine area was analyzed for 37 elements by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), following an aqua regia digestion, and 35 elements by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). These data show that there is a good spatial relationship between elevated commodity element concentrations in basal tills and the known locations of porphyry Cu-Mo mineralization in bedrock. Geochemical data presented here will enable meaningful assessments of new regional-scale till geochemical data that have been collected in areas adjacent to the mine and provide a means of comparison for other explorationists working in the area who are using other geochemical sample types (e.g., stream sediments, till, etc.). As well, these results will help with the development of strategies for the design and implementation of till geochemistry programs in areas with similar physical and geological characteristics and complex glacial histories.

Information Circular 2012-2: British Columbia Coal Industry Overview 2011

D. Grieve, B. Madu and R. Chu 

This booklet is intended to provide a concise snapshot of the BC coal industry for the interested public, including those looking to invest. It includes sections on coal resources, mining, exploration, the tenure system, sources of information, and contacts. It is intended to complement “Exploration and Mining in British Columbia 2011” and “British Columbia Mines and Mineral Exploration Overview 2011


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