If you’re looking to automate your minerals lab or your processing plant, Argon may be the solution for you. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Western Australia.

Here’s a short statement about them from their website:

“Argon is an expanding Australian team of robotic mining specialists, focused in the global resources industry, specialising in robotic analytical processing.

We believe we can innovate industry and address the explosive demands of the world’s mining and resources sector. From our base in Western Australia, a world resources focal point, we have an industry leading robotic mining R&D team.”

For the mining and minerals industry, they offer services and solutions for crushing, handling, processing, sampling, and testing. Their robots can work with crucibles in the minerals lab. See this video: http://video.mining.com/videos/3387c0/argon_robotic_fusion_%26_tga.aspx

They also have bulk handling and sampling systems. See this video: http://video.mining.com/videos/3388c0/argon%27s_bulk_handling_%26_sampling_system.aspx

Their clients include several mining companies, suppliers and consultants.

Argon Technology is the first Australian company ISO9001 accredited specifically in Robotics and Automation.

For more information, feel free to contact them at info@argon.com.au or call them at +61 (8) 9418 8626.