The Alberta oil sands are viewed by some as a valuable and reliable resource that will meet our energy needs, but they are also seen as a major environmental concern by others. So is there a way to bring the two sides together? It seems possible, according to N-Solv™ Corporation, a privately-owned Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta.

According to their website, “N-Solv™ is a patented in-situ technology that uses warm solvent to extract bitumen from oil sands efficiently, sustainably, and economically. Currently, N-Solv™ is preparing to demonstrate the commercial readiness of the technology at its field pilot plant located near Ft. McMurray, Alberta, scheduled to start production in May 2013.”

"There's this cliché that the environment is tugging in one direction and economics are taking you in another," says John Nenniger, the company’s founder, in an interview with The Tyee.

N-Solv™ was founded with the objective of developing and commercializing an in-situ gravity drainage process that utilizes warm solvent vapor as its working fluid.

The company is owned by Hatch Ltd., Enbridge Inc. and Nenniger Inc.

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