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The Clean Mining Alliance is a new organization headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. According to their website, they are “a new international trade association dedicated to raising the profile of cleaner mining initiatives and how they’re reshaping the face of mining globally.”

Here is a list of their current members:

Go take a look at their site. It contains much of interest, most of it new to me. In particular, I liked the section on projects underway. Here is one:

Kemetco Research is developing anaerobic biological processes relying on the activity of sulfate reducing bacteria for the treatment of ARD and other heavy metal containing effluents. This biological process aims to be an environmentally viable option for current and past mine sites for the treatment of ARD.

I hope they succeed.

For completeness sake, here is the email and other information that alerted me to this site.

Hi Jack,

I wanted to bring the Clean Mining Alliance to your attention, perhaps it is of interest to your blog. The CMA was launched just over a month ago with the mandate of increasing public awareness of the improvements being made in the mining sector with regards to technology innovation and environmental sustainability. There are advancements being made on a daily basis for new types of mining, reclamation, remediation and product recycling that are generally going unnoticed by the public, and more importantly by the industry. CMA hopes to bring these cases to the forefront to educate the public and make the industry more accountable to new technological advancements.

If you are interested in more, you can visit our website at http://www.cleanmining.org/ or you may speak to myself or our Executive Director, Dallas Kachan.

Thank you,

Ryan Tessier

Communications Manager

Clean Mining Alliance

515 West Hasting Street, Suite 7351

Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 5K3, Canada

+1 604.243.2543 ext.8