PERTH, AUSTRALIA – Leading provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry, MICROMINE has once again positioned itself at the forefront of technical geological development.

The Australian Coal Industry recently released “CoalLog” Version 1, a Borehole Data Logging Standard for the Australian Coal Industry. The standards were initially developed by senior GeoCheck staff: Andries Pretorius, Gary Ballantine and Brett Larkin, then followed by the collaboration of major mining and software companies.

MICROMINE’s Geobank Data Management Specialist, Ibo Mango, has been a member of this collaborative panel since its inception.

Early involvement in this project, titled the ACARP Project C21003, has enabled MICROMINE to invest considerable time in the development phase of producing a solution to meet the requirements for Borehole Data Logging Standard for the Australian Coal Industry.

Over time, data formats and coding sheets have been integrated into the technical workings of geological records. In some instances, over 30 different data formats are used and over 100 different dictionaries for the Australian coal industry. Consequently data is often flawed, leading to numerous inconsistencies.

There has been considerable pressure on the industry for this data to be standardized and a Coding Standard be established.

Commenting on his involvement, Mr. Mango says “Being involved in the coal panel is really important to me, like so many of my colleagues, as for so many years my coal related work has been dependent on so many variable factors. Depending on the data format and dictionaries in use, my findings have varied considerably from company to company, making work extremely frustrating at times”.

He continues “The best thing about this Coal Standard is the benefits it can provide to our clients. A universally consistent system will not only be more transferable within the industry, it will also enable us to record and manage higher quality and more accurate borehole data. We are excited to be driving this data standardization improvement and being able to pass this new standard on to our clients”.

MICROMINE’s Geobank consulting team is currently offering the new coal data standards as part of its current client software implementations and is currently in the process of implementing this solution for various clients.


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