Are you wondering if there is a sustainable way to separate oil from wastewater? Take a look at what Easwara Origins Corp. can do for you. Their proprietary nano-cyclonic process uses sustainable chemistries to separate the oil from produced water.

According to their website, “There are over 40,000 tailings ponds in Alberta needing to be treated to satisfy government mandates. The Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board issued a government directive requiring that all tailings ponds be cleaned within five years after they are no longer being used.”

Easwara has what they call an “RRD Process (Reclaim, Reuse, and Dispose)”. This process is scaleable and portable. The company has successfully done hundreds of field tests and is developing a portable prototype.

The company’s directors include Dusty McKinnon, a leader in sustainable initiatives with connections in the sustainable energy sector; Ben Sawchuk, an entrepreneur who sold his independent brokerages to Western Financial Group; and Julian Porritt, a lawyer and founder of Veritas Law.

The company is based in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Take a look at their demo video.