Jack Caldwell - Mining Engineer - Robertson GeoConsultants

Here are some statistics on what chemists at mines earn in Canada. I provide salaries from the 2012 Survey Results of Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits from CostMine.

The average salary for a chemist at a Canadian mine is reported to be $81,300. In the eastern region of the country the average is $73,100; in the western region it is $85,700. That is probably the result of the oil sands mines.

At surface mines the ranges of the salary for a chemist on a mine in Canada is $51.500 to $120,400. The range on underground mines is $53,000 to $108,000. Oil sands mine classify as surface mines, thus the greater upper salary.

My thesis of the skewing effect of oil sands mines is proven by these averages for the salary of a chemist/assayer on Canadian mines:

  • Metal Mine = $81,400
  • Diamond Mines = $58,300
  • Fossil Fuel Mines = $88,800

Keep in mind that these salaries for those chemists who are scientists by training. Chemical engineers earn a great deal more on Canadian mines. The range is $94,700 to $177,000. Obviously the upper range is for those on oil sands mines.

Thus the message: chemists do well at mines, although not as well as I would expect. But chemical engineers do far better. Expand that science degree into an engineering degree and double your salary.