PERTH, AUSTRALIA – Leading provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry, MICROMINE has launched its latest Geological field logging solution, Geobank Mobile, to the market.

This ground-breaking field logging solution enables geological field data to be more confidently collected and manipulated. The software ensures that data is captured accurately with real-time validation and rich data input controls that minimise errors at point of entry.

Geobank Operations Manager, Steve Bastick explains "Geobank Mobile has been designed with geology and mining requirements in mind. Our clients have been demanding a site-based solution, which can save them both time and money, without compromising data quality."

Mr Bastick continues "The benefits of Geobank Mobile are extensive and as far as we are concerned, lead the industry in terms of mobile geological data management. We are proud to be custodians of this technology and look forward to sharing the benefits with our clients."

Geobank Mobile maximises efficiencies with its customisable calculated fields, in-built data approval and transfer mechanisms. It also seamlessly integrates with MICROMINE’s Geobank and Micromine products, and can interface with all standard format databases.

Geobank Mobile is practically accessible to clients’ located onsite, where it is supported on both touch screen and standard keyboard devices. Additionally it supports all NMEA standard GPS data, with the provisions to support additional devises in the future.

As part of the launch, MICROMINE is also offering an out of the box solution where Geobank Mobile software is bundled with a range of ruggedised devices. MICROMINE has carefully assessed the market to select the best ruggedized hardware available and can now recommend and provide these solutions directly to our client base.

Geobank is MICROMINE’s data management solution for the mining and exploration industry. The software captures, validates, stores and manages data from a variety of sources and is used by companies of all sizes.

To coincide with the launch, MICROMINE will be offering its clients a 60 day free trial of Geobank Mobile. To find out more about this offer, contact MICROMINE at


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