Jack Caldwell - Mining Engineer - Robertson GeoConsultants

Browsing the web earlier this week I came across the site of the South African Department of Water Affairs. There I found the following Best Practice Guidelines relevant to mine water management:

  • H1. Integrated mine water management
  • H2. Pollution prevention and minimization of Impacts
  • H3. Water reuse and reclamation
  • H4. Water treatment
  • G1. Storm water management
  • G2. Water and salt balances
  • G3. Water monitoring systems
  • G4. Impact predictions
  • G5. Water management aspects for mines
  • A1. Small-scale mining
  • A2.Water management for mine residue deposits
  • A3. Water management in hydro-metallurgical plants
  • A4. Pollution control dams
  • A5. Water management for surface mines
  • A6. Water management for underground mines.

The individual reports are easy to find using a Google Search with the number and title. I downloaded the entire set and have been reading them with great interest. They are well written and particularly informative. I am not sure how I have missed this series for so long. Nobody else in the industry that I have spoken to about them knew of them either.

I hope this brief note brings them the recognition they deserve.