Nick Allen - Terry Fox Secondary School

As newer, more advanced technology surfaces, the more it has an impact on the world around us. When we think of technology, we think of the smart phones, gaming consoles, and big screen televisions inhabiting more and more of our households. However, the consumer market isn’t the only field of technology expanding rapidly. From medical to design fields, the technology involvement is always growing. The mining industry is an area where the technological advancements are surging.

Everything from the trucks involved to the drills being used has been changing. Instead of having to pay workers to go into mines and risk their lives, companies like Rio Tinto are developing autonomous drills that are able to be controlled by remotes and screens to operate the drill at a safe distance. This benefits both the worker and the employer by keeping the employee out of harm and saving costs at the same time. Instead of having multiple workers do one task, they can now sit one in front of a computer screen with a controller and have them complete the same exact task with less labour involved.

The autonomous technology being implemented into the various areas of mining work will also help the economy. Without taking a break, these mining machines can dig, gather, and place the resources on the autonomously operated trucks which will then bring it out of the mine safely at a constant rate. This means that there is now a more constant flow of materials which later is equivalent to a constant rate of income. With more income coming in, it can help boost the economy and increase the amount of resources traded overseas to other countries.

The need and want for newer technology is always present whether in a consumer environment or a business one. As time advances, so does the already existing technology and the ones still being invented. There may even be a new technological creation coming together as we speak.