Installing Hydrau-Flo valves onto a fast-fill fuelling system for heavy-duty equipment across mining operations in South Africa can reduce the mine’s environmental impact, while ensuring substantial savings on diesel, says environmental management expert Procon.

“South Africa has a large opencast mining market and the mission is to complement the existing fast-fill technology to ensure that there are zero spillages during fuelling operations and when mining vehicles are in operation,” says Procon MD Andy Miller.

He mentions that overfilling, spillage and tank ruptures are persistent challenges in the international mining sector, where large fast-fill fuelling systems pump diesel at up to 1 000 ℓ/min. An ineffective overflow protection solution could, therefore, equate to more than 16 ℓ of diesel being spilled each second, resulting in considerable environmental damage, in addition to higher costs related to waste and downtime.

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