North Vancouver, BC – VANDRICO SOLUTIONS INC. is pleased to announce that it has been engaged by Motion Metrics International Corp. to integrate their MetricsManager™ system into heads up display technology, such as Google Glass. This project is unique and aims at improving operational efficiency and safety. Engineers at Vandrico will integrate the MetricsManager™ software platform into heads up display technology to create a real-time equipment management system. The system will be manageable directly on the device via voice control. Vandrico will also work with Motion Metrics to ensure continuous support and improvement of the product. This project is a great advancement for the mining sector and the wearable technologies industry:

1- It introduces new industrial applications for heads up displays, such as Google Glass. This could revolutionize the way industrial companies manage equipment and safety on a worksite.

2- Savings on operating costs will become possible thanks to a constant hand-free control of workplace’s resources, operations and machinery.

3- The mining sector has recognized the potential of wearable technology in increasing efficiency and is now looking for actionable workplace applications.

4- Miners will have the opportunity to access industrial applications systems on wearable devices, and be among the first ones to take part in the growing trend.

For further information on wearable technology, please visit or contact Gonzalo Tudela.

About Vandrico Inc.

Vandrico Solutions Inc. specializes in research and development of applications for wearable devices. The Company provides solutions to industrial firms that aim at enhancing productivity and safety of their operations. Vandrico is actively developing applications for Google Glass and other wearable devices, focusing on adding value to the industrial sectors.

About Motion Metrics

Motion Metrics International is a leading technology development and commercialization company. Its advanced machine vision and sensor-based solutions use custom-designed hardware and software to address challenging problems in mining. These monitoring products enhance safety, productivity and connectivity of the customer operations and are currently deployed in more than 50 large surface mines around the globe.

Quotes from Vandrico

“The decision by Motion Metrics to integrate their products into heads up display technology shows us that there is more than just a consumer market for wearables. There is a new opportunity to use wearable technology in the workplace.” – Gonzalo Tudela, CEO

“Our clients in the mining sector have asked when they will start to see operational benefits from heads up displays. This project is helping them get one step closer to reaching their goal.” – Kenny Mackenzie, COO

“We are thrilled to work with Motion Metrics on a project that could help companies save million of dollars.”– Bayan Bennett, Lead Engineer and Researcher

Quotes from Motion Metrics

“We are excited to be one of the first technology development companies to bring wearable technology based solutions to our mining customers worldwide, thanks to our collaboration with Vandrico.” – Shahram Tafazoli, President and CEO “MetricsManager™ is the hub of information in the Motion Metrics systems. It is only natural for wearable technology to be one of its channels to engage our many users with useful information.” – Edmond Chow, Product Manager

“From my discussions with our customers, it is clear that wearable technologies will enhance a miner’s ability to make rapid and well informed decisions leading to significant production gains”– Nicholas Himmelman, Technical Sales Manager