By Greg Fenrick

In December 2006, GL&V completed its largest acquisition ever, by purchasing all the share capital of Krebs International Inc. ("Krebs") based in Tucson, Arizona and as a result gained an industry leader in manufacturing and marketing high-performance liquid/solid separation equipment for a wide variety of applications and industries, mainly metals and minerals processing. These include hydrocyclone liquid/solid separation systems and horizontal slurry pumps.

This article briefly looks at the Krebs millMAX series of horizontal slurry pumps and why they are sought after for grinding mill discharge duties and other abrasive slurries. According to EduMine’s mining dictionary, a slurry is “the fine carbonaceous discharge from a mine washery. All washeries produce some slurry, which must be treated to separate the solids from the water in order to have a clear effluent for reuse or discharge.”

“Essentially the millMAX pump is an all-metal, heavy-duty slurry pump which incorporates a unique design that eliminates recirculation down the suction side of the pump, with the result that wear life is extended and less power is consumed on any severe slurry duty. The various sizes and applications are given below:

28x26 Copper

16x14 Copper

10x8 Coal

Features include:

  • Adjustable Wear Ring - Allows for on-line adjustment of wear ring to minimize slurry recirculation.
  • Hybrid Sealing System [patented] - Offers a wide clearance between the impeller and suction wear faces plus unique Expeller Vane Profile, eliminates power consuming solids crushing and combined with the Adjustable Wear Ring, reduces slurry recirculation and wear to a minimum.
  • Strategic Metal Distribution - Extra metal at the cutwater and other high wear areas combined with superior wear materials results in even wear life.
  • Ease of Installation - Custom designed spool pieces to suit existing pipework.
  • Cartridge Replacement - With even extended wear life, the case, impeller and backliner can all be replaced at the same time, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
  • Quick Release Fastening Bolts -Totally enclosed stainless steel threads eliminate the possibility of contamination and corrosion.
  • Fully Floating Shaft Seal - Ensures concentricity of gland packing and shaft sleeve during assembly for extended packing and sleeve life.
  • Adaptor Plate - Wet end adapts to a variety of existing power frames.
  • Optional Water Flush or Dry Gland Seal - Ability to eliminate gland seal water.

Here is a look at the individual parts of a conversion slurry pump (image courtesy of GIW Industries, Inc.):

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