Maptek Vulcan provided the ideal 3D modelling environment when exploring deeper into a geothermal resource.

Exploration best practices should aim to reduce the resource risk prior to significant capital investment. For the geothermal energy industry, the high cost of proving the resource is a key challenge.

Understanding subsurface geological structures is critical for planning drilling programs and developing a new geothermal area. Nittetsu Mining used Maptek Vulcan to build a comprehensive database and model data from the Ogiri geothermal field for 3D analysis.

Nittetsu Mining Co. Ltd was established after separating from the mining division of the former Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (now Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, Ltd) in 1939. Nittetsu uses Vulcan for management of a copper mine in Chile, project evaluation and data analysis in exploration.

The Ogiri field is situated in the West Kirishima geothermal area, at an elevation of 700-900m on the western flank of Kirishima volcano on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

The Cretaceous basement rock is composed mainly of sandstone and shale, unconformably overlain by Quaternary andesitic lavas and pyroclastic flow deposits with minor interbeds of lacustrine sediments.

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