Maptek BlastLogic enhances safety and productivity and allows operations to achieve continuous improvement by integrating drill and blast routines.

The challenge

Increasingly mines need to produce more with less. Streamlining drill and blast routines can improve safety and productivity, and reduce operational costs.

It can be a challenge to disconnect from old methods, but the outcomes are worth the effort.

Paper-based spreadsheets make sharing data and analysing results difficult. Errors are perpetuated when formulas are changed, undermining data integrity. There is often little time to record much detail, and the lack of flexibility prevents teams from working effectively.

Known issues

Sites know the common issues that are faced on every blast.

1. Difficult areas that are not blasted due to:

  • Holes not drilled to design, missing holes or short holes
  • Excessive fall back
  • Damaged or destroyed drillholes
  • Drillholes not loaded

2. Areas within a shot that are over or under blasted.

3. Powder factors that vary throughout the shot due to inconsistent hole depth and dipping strata.

4. Areas within parting shots or ramps that are not able to be drilled due to geotechnical reasons and/or safety restrictions.

5. Expected dig performance and areas of concern that are not readily identified and communicated, such as known hard sections or areas of toe that cause excavation issues.

6. Poor record keeping and imperfect reconciliation of parameters and performance resulting in fragmented data, tedious data collation and analysis, and ineffective collaboration.

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