A group of Yukon prospectors is aiming to do more than just survive the downturn in the mining industry. The prospectors want to make the territory a centre for mineral exploration excellence.

Shawn Ryan, president of RyanWood Exploration, is known worldwide within the mineral exploration industry for adapting technology to improve prospecting. He uses drones, software and other gear to find hidden mineral deposits without using a large amount of heavy equipment.

"This is a made-in-the-Yukon technology that's ready to export worldwide," Ryan says.

Another company, GroundTruth Exploration, owned by Ryan's wife Cathy Wood and business associates Isaac Fage and Tao Henderson, does much of the actual field work.

Together they say they've reduced work that used to take 18 months to about two or three weeks, and the cost has been reduced to about a fifth of what it was.

Shawn Ryan is president of RyanWood Exploration in Dawson City, Yukon. (CBC)

Fage says the exploration industry had to evolve in Yukon.

"That's the challenge that we've taken on is bringing more efficient low impact surveys to the industry to improve exploration success, but also reduce the environmental impact and the cost for the exploration companies."

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