Since 1889, General Electric (GE) has provided millions of homes, offices, factories and retail facilities with electricity. But the company is much more than just an electric company.

GE, which operates through a variety of segments such as Energy, Technology Infrastructure, and Capital Finance, has been leading the mining industry into a safer, cleaner and quieter future. Through the company’s Transportation division, GE Mining is working to maximize resources and drive efficiencies through cutting-edge technology to make mining work better.

For more than a half a century, General Electric has been working to solve the world’s toughest mining challenges. Since its inception, GE Mining has been dedicated to transforming the archaic mining industry by developing newer and improved technologies.

In 2012, the company acquired Fairchild International, a leading manufacturer of underground mining vehicles in Virginia. The acquisition was part of a development programs to expand GE Mining’s product offering to address roughly 35 percent of the underground mining value chain.

“We highly value the industry knowledge and expertise in designing, building and servicing underground mining equipment that Fairchild brings to GE Mining,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Oil & Gas. “With GE’s global reach, technology leadership in clean propulsion and energy storage systems, and world-class system integration capabilities, we will bring the next generation of top performing underground mining equipment to customers worldwide.”

Since the acquisition, GE’s Fairchild Mining Equipment division has developed and begun offering complete lines of battery-powered scoops, diesel-powered scoops and tractors, multipurpose vehicles, longwall shield haulers, maintenance vehicles and continuous miners and haulage systems.

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