The mining industry has entered a phase of cost containment and rigorous capital management in Australia.

As a result, mining companies must develop long-term strategies to increase productivity in the face of continuously shrinking budgets.

Deloitte industry analysts have pointed to sustainable cost practices and productivity, innovation across existing operations and exploration sites, and capital management as areas Australian miners must focus on.

Communication technologies have a fundamental role to play in delivering on these three strategic initiatives.

Increasing productivity

Connectivity, real-time data delivery, collaboration and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications are critical technological pillars for the global mining industry.

These solutions bridge the gap between remote sites, improving management efficiency and reducing the time it takes to make important business decisions.

Australian mining typically takes place in extremely isolated and remote locations where providing communication solutions is a constant challenge. Companies must establish high availability connectivity as the backbone and build a sound infrastructure onsite across different locations.

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