GroundProbe has released its new slope stability monitoring radar for pit mining, to increase safety by identifying slope instability, which will also boost mining productivity.

The SSR-FX tool uses radars, both targeted and wide reaching, to detect and issue alerts of potential instabilities in the pit structure.

These pose a risk to workers, equipment and can have an adverse impact on mining operations according to GroundProbe chief executive, John Beevers.

The SSR-FX is the first product in our range of broad area monitoring solutions; it uses new antenna technology not yet seen in the mining industry, to scan 180 degrees every two minutes with sub millimetre precision, over long periods,” he explained.

This means mine operators can detect smaller moving areas in their pit, allowing them to have full control and total confidence in decision making,” Beevers added.

The SSR-FX’s broad radar system finds the ‘hot spots’ of potential instability to then continuously monitor in great detail under the targeted monitoring function.

Source: Mining Innovation News - see full article