About 10 people die in Australian mines every year, often in accidents caused by tired drivers involved in collisions.

New technology, some of it borrowed from the aviation industry, could make mines safer.

That includes GPS systems, radars, eye scanners, and electromagnetic fields.

Matin Leggatt, a mine surveyor in Queensland, said his life was saved by collision avoidance technology.

"I was driving along in a light vehicle, came to an intersection and looked both ways, as you do," he said.

"I didn't see anything, started to accelerate, [the alarm] went off, alerted me that there was a truck coming.

"Within a second there was a big 793 dump truck coming down on me, so it's basically saved me."

Graeme Corbett from Hexagon Mining markets an eye scanner that picks up when drivers are tired.

"That is set up in your haul truck, or light vehicle in front of where you drive and the infra red sensor technology will tell you when your eyes are open, when your eyes are closed, how long they're open for and how long they're are closed."

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