Gekko Systems is a cutting-edge mineral processing technology company specializing in cyanide destruction, modular plant technology and gravity separation. Its commitment to providing cyanide detox systems with best practice environmental and financial sustainability is unsurpassed.

Rubicon Minerals Corporation is an emerging gold producer focused on extracting the maximum recovery of resources with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

“Gekko’s experience gives us great confidence in the successful design and operation of this critical process ensuring we continue a responsible and environmentally sustainable development,” said Don Emms, Project Manager and Mill Superintendent for Rubicon.

After months of collaborative planning, Gekko Systems designed the Cyanide Detox System specifically to meet the needs of the Phoenix Gold Project. The plant incorporated many design features gleaned from 30 years’ experience by Gekko Systems’ Principal Detox Consultant, Randy Agius, now retired.

The Cyanide Detox System uses the proven SO2/Oxygen (INCO) process to destroy cyanide in the plant’s leach tails, and is capable of reducing it to less than 1ppm weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide. The main reagents are liquid sulphur dioxide (SO2) and oxygen.

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