By Greg Fenrick

Anytime you have a confined workspace, ventilation is critical to not only prevent the inhalation of dust and fumes, but also to maintain a more comfortable environment and ultimately improve worker comfort and productivity. Ventilation requirements are regulated for very good reasons… health and safety of workers. I recall several tasks I did during summer jobs in the oil patch for which I’m sure the employer would have been fined. In both cases the job was only for an hour or so, but the gas fumes and heat in these confined spaces made me light-headed and somewhat nauseous.

For Howden, small, confined space ventilation is not their business. Howden deals with large ventilation systems, such as those needed in mining.

Ventilation system at a mine (Image courtesy of Howden Group Ltd.)

Howden supplies some of the largest axial and centrifugal mine ventilation fans, as well as smaller fans for underground mine ventilation and booster applications.

Their mine ventilation fans include:

  • Variable and non-variable pitch axial flow main ventilation fans
  • Centrifugal surface ventilation fans with radial vanes for complete air volume control
  • Mixed flow underground booster fans – compact and robust
  • Adjustable/fixed pitch axial fans for underground auxiliary ventilation and portable mine fans

On the mine cooling side of things, Howden has screw compressors, which are used in refrigeration plants for cooling in deep mines. As for dust control, they offer a skid-mounted wet dust extractor that effectively removes dust from the atmosphere and is specially designed for underground working. For details of all ventilation products they offer, please visit the following links:

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