Imagine you know nothing about software for the mining industry. Yet you have to spend much to outfit your new mine. The IT group and every employee is clamoring for every bit of software out there. How do you decide what to buy and what to have done by hand?

There are more than 300 suppliers in the Infomine database under the category Software. No guarantee they provide all the software you may need, but at least this is a start.

The InfoMine Suppliers catalogue lists the following subcategories of software. I went through a few and picked those that appear to provide the services listed. Most of the folk listed do other things, so I got bored and frustrated by the time I reached Equipment and Maintenance. At any rate this is what I achieved with InfoMine’s database:

I also went to Google and found that the keywords “xxx, software, mining”, where xxx is any term you choose, provides a plethora of suppliers from whom you can choose. I recommend that route, if you are in a hurry—you will no doubt find what you want within the first ten listings. For example “comminution, software mining” rapidly produced encore consulting that nobody else lists.

Other sites try other categorization systems—an approach I wish would truly die like the dodo and leave us in peace. At this link are these categories of software: