Here are some places you can find information about software that you may need to deal with groundwater in the mining context.

The best laid-out site and the easiest to use re groundwater software is the commercial site Waterloo Hydrogeologic. They list codes in these categories—surely something for every need:

  • Parameter Estimation & Statistics
  • Pumping Test Analysis
  • Borehole Geology
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Natural Attenuation & Remediation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Software Utilities
  • Surface Water Modeling
  • Unsaturated Zone Modeling
  • Visualization
  • Water Quality & Data Management is an excellent directory of online groundwater resources. The site includes reviews of groundwater software from codes to analyze well data, through three-dimensional flow simulations, to contouring phreatic surfaces. On this site you will also find a description of the leading consultants in groundwater, equipment suppliers, and publications—none related to mining, but of interest nonetheless.

A comprehensive site is Software for Hydrogeologists. Here is a long list of software both free and commercially available. Included are links to EPA, UADA, and USGS software for groundwater analyses. I liked the United Nations site and their software Groundwater for Windows. included lists of software, a discussion group, and modeling helpdesk, and live online training. There is even a kid’s corner if you have to baby-sit.

Least we forget that groundwater activities rely on a good understanding of the geology and geotechnology of the site and region, go to the Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Software Directory for descriptions of a host of relevant software. Also take a look at Geo Software

To save you the trouble, here are the top Google listed companies for keywords “groundwater software mining.”