Paranumismatics are known by several names depending on which coalfield or even region of a coalfield they hailed from. Common names for such items include "Tokens", "Checks", "Tallies", "Motties", "Pins", "Tickets" or "Passes". They are also known by the common title of "Pit or Colliery Checks".

The vast number of these "tokens" emanated from the coal mining industry but the most commonly collected type of tokens were generally used at metal mines and some stone quarries. They were used for a wide variety of identification and tallying purposes.

Although these "tokens" were only in use for about one hundred years there are thousands of different types and their exact purpose or method of their use is still largely unknown!

The general purpose of these "tokens" was to eliminate theft. They were used as a form of currency to exchange for goods and services and as time and payment verification systems.

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