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Here is the resume of one of the two people who make this happen (the second is not yet posted):

Mr. Demuth has over 18 years of experience providing environmental documentation consultation, training, support, and service to geotechnical, civil engineering, environmental, and archaeological firms. He has produced baseline study documents, bibliographies, cultural resource documents, environmental assessments (EAs), environmental impact reports (EIRs), environmental impact statements (EISs), evidentiary and due diligence documentation, permits and permitting, plans of operations, safety documents, siting proposals, specifications for subcontractors, and storm water pollution prevention plans. Mr. Demuth's practical knowledge stems from his experience in the field as a project manager/environmental compliance consultant supervising exploration drilling, condemnation drilling, water exploration and production drilling, preconstruction, and construction at a heap leach gold facility on the Carlin trend.

Here are some of his mining projects;

San Juan Ridge Mine Environmental Impact Report, Nevada County, California:

Responsible for technical editing and document production of an environmental impact report which analyses the environmental impacts associated with development of a 162-acre underground gold mine situated in Nevada County for Welsh Engineering Science & Technology, Inc.

Hayden Hill Mine Project, Cultural Resources Section of Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Lassen County, California: Responsible for technical editing and document production of the cultural resource section to the Hayden Hill screencheck draft EIR for Hayden Hill Operating Company, Inc. through Western Cultural Resource Management, Inc.

Bodie Mine Project, Environmental Impact Report - Drilling Program, Bodie, California: Responsible for technical editing, document production, and graphics for screen check draft and draft environmental impact report (EIR) prepared by Bodie Consolidated Mining Company and their technical team composed of regional experts in eleven different resource fields.

Undisclosed Client, Leach Pad Damage Documentation, Colorado: Researched and compiled a pictorial history of a catastrophic heap leach pad (HLP) construction failure at a large gold mine site surrounded by Rio Grande National Forest land in Colorado. Exhibits consisted of the HLP liner as-built prior to failure, final perimeter of new HLP liner, repaired and replaced HLP liner, repair areas of HLP liner, and ore on HLP prior to failure.

A fascinating site, an interesting person, and some intriguing projects. Take a look.