The following list contains the titles and authors of all of the papers published in the 4-Volume "Proceedings - Fourth International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 31 - June 6, 1997"

Copies of these Proceedings are available from: Bitech Publishers Ltd., #173 - 11860 Hammersmith Way, Richmond, BC V7A 5G1, Canada. Telephone: 604-277-4250, Fax: 604-277-8125, OR MEND Secretariat, Natural Resources Canada, 555 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G1, Canada, Telephone: 613-995-3097, Fax: 613-947-5284, E-mail:


A Decade of Technology Improvement to the Challenge of Acid Drainage - A Canadian Perspective, D.G. Feasby, G.A. Tremblay, C.J. Weatherell

BC - Ministry of Employment and Investment

Guidelines for the Prediction of Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Leaching for Mines in British Columbia: Part I. General Procedures and Information Requirements, William A. Price, J. Erringron, Victor Koyanagi

Guidelines for the Prediction of Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Leaching for Mines in British Columbia: Part II. Recommended Procedures for Static and Kinetic Testing, William A. Price, Kevin Morin, Nora Hurt

Waste Rock Weathering: Sampling and Analysis: Observations from the British Columbia Ministry of Employment and Investment Database, William A. Price, Y. T. John Kwong

Cominco Ltd.

Application of ARD Abatement Technology in Reclamation of Tailing Ponds at Cominco Ltd., Sullivan Mine, Robert T. Gardiner, Bruce B. Dawson, Gray G. Gibson

Mark Creek Improvement Project - Control of ARD in the Lower Mine Yard, Kimberley, British Columbia, David G. Thomson, J.K. (Ken) Manly, Roger F. Kitchin, Norman E. Eenkooren, Michael P. Davies, Gray G.Gibson, Bruce B. Dawson

Waste Rock Management Planning for the Kudz Ze Kayah Project, Yukon Territory: 1. Predictive Static and Kinetic Test Work, Stephen Day, George Hope, Walter Kuit

Waste Rock Management Planning for the Kudz Ze Kayah Project, Yukon Territory: 2. Waste Management Strategy, George Hope, Walter Kuit, Stephen Day

Noranda Technology Centre

Considerations in the Use of Shallow Water Covers for Decommissioning Reactive Tailings, Michael G. Li, Bernard Aubé. Luc St-Arnaud

Field Studies of Biologically Supported Water Covers at Two Noranda Tailings Ponds, P. St-Germain, H. Larratt, R. Prairie

Neutralization Potential versus Observed Mineral Dissolution in Humidity Cell Tests for Louvicourt Tailings, Michael G. Li

The Geco Process: A New High Density Sludge Treatment for Acid Mine Drainage, Bernard Aubé, Serge Payant

Placer Dome Inc.

Equity Silver Mine - Integrated Case Study, M.L. Aziz, K.D. Ferguson

The Cover Research Program at Equity Silver Mine Ltd., G.W Wilson, L Newman, S.L. Barbour, M. O'Kane, D.A. Swanson

Shallow Water Cover Design Methodology and Field Verification, R.J. Atkins, D. Hay, J. Robertson

Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company Ltd..

Planning for an Environmental Assessment: Voisey's Bay Mine and Mill, David Lemon, William A. Napier, William C. Ferguson, Mike Filion

A Predictive Quantitative Geochemical Assessment of the Subaqueous Stability of Acid-Generating Mine Tailings, Robert K. Mugo, Darcy McDonald, Derek Riehm, William A. Napier

Approach Used to Model Pit Filling and Pit Lake Chemistry on Mine Closure - Voisey's Bay, Labrador, G.G. Bursey, J.J. Mahoney, JE. Gale, SE. Dignard, W Napier, D. Reihm, B. Downing

Site Selection Considerations for the Disposal of Potentially Acid Generating Tailings and Mine Rock Voisey's Bay Project - A Case Study, A. Cole, D. Welch, W Kross, W Napier


Applications of Geological Block Models to Environmental Management, Meridan W Bennett, F. Houston Kempton

Acid Mine Drainage: Comparison of Laboratory Testing to Mine Site Conditions, K.J. Bethune. D.A. Lockington, D.J. Williams

Pyrite Oxidation Measured by Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production in Laboratory Respirometer Tests, Gudmunn Eidsa, Tormod Briseid, Harald Ese

Quantifying the Spatial Dependence of the Sulfide Oxidation Rate in a Waste Rock Dump at Mt Lyell, Tasmania , A.M. Garvie, J. W Bennett, A.I. M. Ritchie

Acid Rock Drainage from the Samatosum Waste Dump, British Columbia, Canada, M. Ghomshei, A. Holmes. E. Denholm. R. Lawrence. T. Carriou

Vertical Transport in Brenda Mines Pit Lake, P.F. Hamblin, CL Stevens, G.A. Lawrence

ARD Assessment Program from Exploration to Operation: Case Studies from the Eskay Creek Mine, T. W Higgs, F.M. Murphy, C.J. Stewart

The Role of Enhanced Particle Surface Area, Crystal Structure and Trace Metal Content on Pyrrhotite Oxidation Rates in Tailings, Michael P. Janzen, Ronald V Nicholson, Jeno M. Scharer

Estimating Reservoir Nickel Loading from Subaqueous Tailings Using a Mass Balance Approach, TA. Kessler, R. Weimer, B. Scarffe

Mineralogical Changes During NP Determinations and their Implications, Y. T. John Kwong, Keith D. Ferguson

Determination of Neutralization Potential in the Prediction of Acid Rock Drainage, R. W Lawrence, Y. Wang

Hydrogeochemistry of Secondary Mineral Dissolution: Column Leaching Experiment Using Oxidized Waste Rock, Michael G. Li. Luc St-Arnaud

A Three-dimensional, Three-phase Geochemical Kinetic Model for Acid Rock Drainage , Cheng-Kuo Lin, Edward M. Trujillo, William W white III

Modeling Water Flow in Waste Rock Piles Using Kinematic Wave Theory, D.L Lopez, L. Smith, R. Beckie

Mine Rock Characterization - Zortman and Landusky Mines, Little Rocky Mountains, Phillips County, North-Central Montana, Rebecca A. Miller, Terry M. Hertel

Advances in Acid Drainage Prediction Using the Net Acid Generation (NAG) Test, Stuart Miller, Alan Robertson, Theresa Donohue

The Hydrogeology of Waste Rock Dumps and a Mechanism for Unsaturated Preferential Flow, L.L Newman, G.M. Herasymuik, S.L Barbour, D.G. Fredlund, T. Smith

Meso-Scale Characterization of the Geochemical and Physical Processes Responsible for Acid Rock Drainage, Matthew Otwinowski

Critical Review of Classes of Geochemical Computer Models Adaptable for Prediction of Acidic Drainage from Mine Waste Rock, E.H. Perkins, WD. Gunter, H.W Nesbtt, Luc St-Arnaud

Statistical Approach to Geochemical Assessment of Waste Rock, C.M. Pettit, M.K. Tai, J.L Kirkaldy

Sulfide Oxidation Related to Water Table Depth at Two Sudbury, Ontario Tailings Impoundments of Differing Physiography, WD. Robertson. D. W Blowes, C.J. Hanton-Fong

Waste Rock Characterization at Dublin Gulch: A Case Study, Brian A. Soregaroli, Richard W Lawrence

Oxygen Consumption on Sulphide Tailings and Tailings Covers: Measured Rates and Applications, P.A. Tibble, R. V Nicholson

Factors Controlling Metal Leaching from Mine Rock: The Case of Stratmat and Selbaie Waste Rocks, Ernest K. Yanful, Jay Mycroft, Allen R. Pratt, Luc C. St-Arnaud


Flooding as a Reclamation Solution to an Acidic Tailing Pond: The Solbec Case, Gail Amyot, Serge Vézina

Limnologic Conditions in Three Existing Nevada Pit Lakes: Observations and Modeling Using CE-QUAL-W2, David Atkins, J. Houston Kempton, Todd Martin, Patrick Maley

Construction and Instrumentation of In Situ Test Plots to Evaluate Covers Built with Clean Tailings, M. Aubertin, B. Bussière, J.-M. Barbera, R.P. Chapuis, M. Monzon, M. Aachib

Unsaturated Flow Modeling of Inclined Layers for the Analysis of Covers, M. Aubertin, R.P. Chapuis, A. Bouchentouf. B. Bussière

The Design of a Low Flux Cover System, including Lysimeters, for Acid Generating Waste Rock in Semi-Arid Environments, B.E. Bews, M.A. O'Kane, G.W Wilson, D. Williams, N. Currey

Effectiveness of Covers Built with Desulphurized Tailings: Column Tests Investigation, Bruno Bussière, Ronald V. Nicholson, Michel Aubertin, Stéphane Servant

Water Cover on Reactive Tailings and Wasterock: Laboratory Studies of Oxidation and Metal Release Characteristics, Nand K. Davé T.P. Lim, D. Home, Y Boucher, Rodney Stuparyk

Applications of Method for Delaying the Onset of Acidic Drainage, Tracey Delaney, Daryl Hockley, Diana Sollner

Organic Cover Materials for Tailings: Do they Meet the Requirements of an Effective Long Term Cover?, L C. W Elliott, L Liu, S. W Stogran

MEND at Work - Designing Mines for Closure, WayneFraser

Evaluation of Low Sulphur Tailings in the Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage, C.J. Hanton-Fong, D. W Blowes, R.A. Stuparyk

Interim Assessment of Flooded Tailings Performance: Quirke Mine Waste Management Area, Shiu N. Kam, Randy A. Knapp. Juris K. Balins, Roger A. Payne.

Application of Probabilistic Acid/Base Accounting to Minimize Waste-Rock Handling in Semi-Arid Climates, J. Houston Kempton, Darren Swanson, Meridan Bennett, Richard MacDonald, William Locke, Clyde Gillespie, Michael Lechner, Patrick Maley

Probabilistic Prediction of Water Quality in the Twin Creeks Mine Pit Lake, Golconda, Nevada, USA, J.H. Kempton, W Locke, D. Atkins, A.D. Nicholson, M. Bennett, L. Bliss, P. Maley

Design of Decommissioning Plans at Boliden Mineral's Aitik Mine, Sweden, M. Lindvall, N. Eriksson, L-A Lindahl, H. Jönsson

Decommissioning of Denison Mines Tailings Management Areas, Ian R. Ludgate, Roy Morrell, Randy Knapp. Shiu Nam Kam

Optimization of Integrated Decommissioning Plans at Inco Limited, Michael E. McCann

Blending and Layering Waste Rock to Delay, Mitigate or Prevent Acid Generation: A Case Study Review, P.E. Mehling, S.J. Day, K.S. Sexsmith

Prevention of Acid Rock Drainage through the Application of In-Pit Disposal and Elevated Water Table Concepts, David A. Orava, Gilles A. Tremblay, Philip A. Tibble, Ronald V. Nicholson

Geochemistry of Submerged Tailings in Buttle Lake and the Equity Silver Tailings Pond, British Columbia and Anderson Lake, Manitoba: What Have We Learned?, T.F. Pedersen, J.J. McNee, D. Flather, B. Mueller, A. Sahami, C.A. Pelletier

Effects of Acid Material Handling and Disposal on Coal Mine Drainage Quality , Eric F. Perry, Michael D. Gardner, Robert S. Evans

Subaqueous Tailing Disposal: A Sound Solution for Reactive Tailing, J.D. Robertson, G.A. Tremblay, W W Fraser

Control of Tailings Oxidation Rate Using Spigotting Techniques, William M. Schafer, Thomas Grady, Donald D. Runnells, Chris Luckay, Ric Jones

Subaqueous Deposition of Acid Generating Tailings into an Acidic Environment: Pilot Column Test Results, S.W. Stogran, L C.M. Elliott, L. Liu

First Year Findings from Soil Cover Test Plots on Kidd Creek Thickened Tailings near Timmins, Ontario, Mark R. Woyshner. Bernie Swarbrick


The 'Lokken Project' - Flooding a Sulfide Ore Mine, Rolf T. Arnesen, Eigil R. Iversen

Use of Deinking Residues as Cover Material in the Prevention of AMD Generation at an Abandoned Mine Site, A. Cabral, G. Lefebvre, F. Burnotte, M. -F Proulx, C. Audet, M. Labbé, C. Michaud

Wheal Jane - The Long Term Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage, M. Cambridge

A Study of Acid Mine Drainage Control by Addition of a Alkaline Mill Paper Waste, A. Chtaini, A. Bellaloui, G. Ballivy, S. Narasiah, J. Lalancette, C. Bilodeau

Investigation on the Placement of Lime Neutralization Sludge on Acid Generating Waste Rock, M.M.D. Coleman, T.J. Whalen, A. Landva

Consecutive Hydroxide-Sulphide Precipitation Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage, MA. Dias, A.J. Monhemius, A. Narayanan

The Use of a Peat/Limestone System to Treat Acid Rock Drainage, Paul Eger, Jon R. Wagner, Glenn Melchert

Evaporative Losses, Salt Migration and Mineralogical Changes in Dry Covers over Oxidized Tailings, Linda C.M. Elliott, J. Gregory Davison, Liangxue Liu, S. Wade Stogran

ARD Control at P.T. Kelian Equatorial Mining, I. C. Firth, J. van der Linden

Development of Backfill Material for Minimizing Acid Mine Drainage Generation in Abandoned Underground Mines, W. Helms, D. Heinrich

Relocation of Waste Rock to the Lichtenberg Pit near Ronneburg, Germany, Daryl Hockley, Michael Paul, John Chapman, Silvia Jahn, Wolfgang Weise

The WISMUT Waste Rock Pile Remediation Program of the Ronneburg Mining District, Germany, A.T. Jakubick, R. Gatzweiler, D. Mager, A. MacG. Robertson

Evaluating Close-Out Options for Acid Generating Tailings, D.R. Jones, D.A. Ellerbroek, H. Laszczyk

Microbial Acid Reduction in Sediments - Concepts and Application, M. Kalin, M.P. Smith

Reclamation Strategy at the Ronneburg Uranium Mining Site before Flooding the Mine , Stephan Kistinger

Mixing of Limestone with Finely-Crushed Acid-Producing Rock, Kim A. Lapakko, David A. Antonson, Jon R. Wagner

Waste Rock Management Planning and Implementation at P.T. Freeport Indonesia Company's Mining Operations in Irian Jaya, Howard S. Lewis, Wisnu Susetyo, Stuart D. Miller, John J. Jeffery

Control of Acid Rock Drainage by Pit Backfilling, Anne Lewis-Russ, Jon Bronson, John F. Lupo, B.G. 'Bud' Long

The Reclamation Project at the Saxberget Mine, Sweden, M. Lindvall, L-A Lindahl, N. Eriksson

Geochemical Field Study of Flooded Mine Tailings at Stekenjokk, Northern Sweden, J. Ljungberg, M. Lindvall, H. Holmström, B. Öhlander

Bersbo Pilot Project - Physical Behaviour Seven Years After Covering the Waste Rock Piles, Tom Lundgren

Preliminary Results of a Field Study of a Self-Sealing I Self-Healing Cover System, R. G. McGregor, J.A. Stegemann, HA. van der Sloot

Remediation Options (including Copper Recovery by SX/EW) to Reduce Acid Drainage from Historical Mining Operations at Mount Lyell, Western Tasmania, Australia, John Miedecke, Dr. Stuart Miller, Michael Gowen, Dr. Ian Ritchie, John Johnston, Patrick McBride

Effects of Ore Body Inundation - A Case Study, R.J. Neukirchner, D.R. Hinrichs

Acid Mine Drainage Characterization and Treatment at La Mine Doyon, Philippe J. Poirier, Martin Roy

Description of Reaction and Transport Processes in the Zone of Aeration of Mine Dumps, Kirsten Pollmer, Michael Eckart

Design and Construction of a Dry Cover Made of Tailings for the Closure of Les Terrains Aurifières Site, Malartic, Quebec, Canada, J.F. Ricard, M. Aubertin, F. W Firlotte, R. Knapp, J. McMullen, M. Julien

Site Demonstration of the Biosuiphide Process at the Former Britannia Mine, M. V. Rowley, D.D. Warkentin, V. Sicotte

The Capacity of Natural Wetlands to Ameliorate Water Quality: A Review of Case Studies, André Sobolewski

Determination of Runoff Metal Loading from Reclaimed and Unreclaimed Tailings, E. Spotts, W.M. Schafer, C.F. Luckay, T.S. Mitchell

Methods of Diverting Surface Runoff Water from Acid Mine Drainage at INCO's Copper Cliff Tailings Area, R.A. Stuparyk, J.P. Dippong, A.N. Kerr, T.J. McDonald, M. Wong

Dry-Site versus Wet-Site Cover Design, D.A. Swanson, S.L Barbour, G. W Wilson

Lysimeter Tests I A Method to Optimize Environmental Forecasting The Rio Paracatu Mineraçao Experience, A.G. Taboada, A.C.P. Pinto, A.L.

Organic-Waste Cover Over the East Sullivan Mine Tailings: Beyond the Oxygen Barrier, N. Tassé D. Germain, C. Dufour, R. Tremblay

A Geochemical and Mineralogical Investigation of Porous Reactive Walls for the Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage, KR. Waybrant, D.W Blowes, C.J. Ptacek, S.G. Benner

Field Assessment of Fe (III), Al, and Dissolved O2 for Passive Treatment Options, Thomas R. Wildernan. Jason W. Dinkel. Robert M. Smith, Marci L McCallister

Five Years after Covering Tailings and Waste Rock with a Composite Soil Cover: A Case Review and Water Quality Predictions at the Millenbach site near Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Mark R. Woyshner, Claude St-Arneault, Luc C. St-Arnaud

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Sludges in the Canadian Mineral Industry: Physical, Chemical, Mineralogical and Leaching Characteristics, Janice M. Zinck


An Investigation into the Geochemical History of a Waste Rock Dump and its Effect on Water Quality of the Flooded Open Pit at Island Copper Mine, Port Hardy, British Columbia, Paul J. Dagenais, George W Poling

Sulfur Acidic Mining Lakes in Germany - Ways to Controlling Geogenic Acidification , Helmut Klapper, Martin Schultze

Limnology of Extremely Acidic Mining Lakes in Lusatia (Germany) and their Fate Between Acidity and Eutrophication, Brigitte Nixdorf, Dieter Lessmann, Uwe Gruenewald, Wilfried Uhlmann

The Use of In-Situ Testing for the Characterization of Sulphide Mine Tailings, J.D. Robertson, W.J. Kuit, R.G. Campanella, D. Frew, H.N. McLeod, M.P. Davies

Response to Rainfall of Groundwater Discharge from Underground Mine Working at Myra Falls Mining Camp, Vancouver Island, B.C., M. Stapinsky, A.J. Desbarats, D.R. Boyle, M.J.L Robin

Hard-Pan Formation in the Canadian Malartic Mine Tailings: Implication for the Reclamation of the Abandoned Impoundment, N. Tassé, D. Germain, C. Dufour, R. Tremblay

Use of Risk Assessment in the Remediation of Acid Rock Drainage, J.S. Volosin, R.D. Cardwell, C.S. Wisdom


Comparison of Model Predicted and Measured Copper and Zinc Concentrations at Three Norwegian Underwater Tailings Disposal Sites, R.T. Arnesen, B. Bjerkeng, Eigil R. Iversen

Design Guidelines and Stability Criteria of Engineering Works for Water Covers, M. Aubertin, J. Dionne. L Marcoux

A Science-Based, Watershed Strategy to Support Effective Remediation of Abandoned Mine Lands, Herbert T Buxton. David A. Nimick, Paul von Guerard, Stanley E. Church, Ann Frazier. John R. Gray, Bruce R.Lipin, Sherman P. Marsh, Daniel Woodward, Briant Kimball. Susan Finger, Lee Ischinger, John C. Fordham, Martha S. Power, Christine Bunck, John W Jones

Minimum Mining Site Rehabilitation Requirements as Stipulated in the Québec Mining Act, Jean Dionne. Louis Marcoux

A Summary of the Swedish AMD Experience, Hans Gustafsson

Estimating the Liability for Acid Mine/Rock Drainage in Australia, John Harries

Acid Rock Drainage and the Latin American Regulatory Regime, Ana Maria Ibacache, R. G. (Rick) Killam, Mark B. Thorpe


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