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Responsible Mining 

State Of The Art Review
Responsible Mining
Revision: 14.11.05
Author: Jack Caldwell

Framework for Responsible Mining: A Guide to Evolving Standards compiled by Marta Miranda, David Chambers, and Catherine Coumans and dated October 19, 2005 is available at Here is a summary for those too busy to access and read the 155 pages, or who just want to be quickly informed of developing ideas.

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November 4, 2005
Responsible Mining: Tailings and Waste Rock Dumps
by Jack Caldwell

The report Framework for Responsible Mining: A Guide to Evolving Standards [available at] lists Leading Edge Practices for Tailings and Waste Disposal. A Leading Edge practice is defined by the authors as a practice which could generate to significant social and environmental improvements if implemented. Let us examine and critique these practices which are...

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November 03, 2005
Responsible Mining: A Personal Perspective
by Jack Caldwell

Who can resist the attractions of the movie Die Another Day? With my grandsons I have watched it three times this rather cold weekend on an isolated, 160-acre farm in Iowa. James Bond actions his way around villains dealing in blood diamonds and bent on returning South Korea to North Korea. There is even a rather unpleasant South African who is used by Bond to access a secure island off Cuba where eternal youth is promised to dictators and rich businessmen. Another movie the kids loved this weekend was...

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